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46 Victims

The following 46 people are known to have been accused of witchcraft in the Connecticut and New Haven colonies.

Alice Young
Mary Johnson
Joan Carrington
John Carrington
Goodwife Bassett
Goodwife Knapp
Elizabeth Goodman
Mary Staples
Lydia Gilbert
Nicholas Bailey
Goodwife Bailey
William Meaker
Elizabeth Garlick
Katherine Palmer
Margaret Jennings
Nicholas Jennings
Judith Varlet
Judith Ayers*
William Ayers*
Rebecca Greensmith
Nathanial Greensmith
Mary Sanford
Andrew Sanford
Mary Barnes
Elizabeth Blackleach
John Blackleach
James Wakeley
Elizabeth Seager
Mary Hall
Ralph Hall
Hannah Griswold
William Graves
Katherine Harrison
Sarah Dibble
Goodwife Messenger
Goodwife Burr
Goodwife Bowden
Mercy Disborough
Elizabeth Clawson
Mary Harvey
Hannah Harvey
Goodwife Miller
Winifred Benham Sr
Hugh Croasia
Winifred Benham Jr


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