Connecticut Witch Trial Exoneration Project
  • The Accused, by Location

    Easthampton 1658 Elizabeth GarlickFairfield 1651 Goodwife BassettFairfield 1692 Mercy DisboroughFairfield 1692 Mary HarveyFairfield 1692 Hannah HarveyFairfield 1692 Goodwife MillerFairfield 1692 Mary StaplesFairfield 1653(?) Goodwife KnappFarmington 1663 Mary BarnesHartford 1662-3 Rebecca GreensmithHartford 1662-3 Nathaniel GreensmithHartford 1662-3 James WakeleyHartford 1662 Goodwife AyersHartford 1662 Mary SanfordHartford 1662 Andrew SanfordHartford 1662 Judith VarletHartford 1665 Elizabeth SeagerHartford 1665 James WakeleyHartford […]

  • Families Seeking Exoneration of Relatives Convicted of Witchcraft During 1600s

    Supporters say the reasoning behind witchcraft convictions were unjust and are hoping to have names cleared. A Windsor representative who was contacted by a constituent is taking up the task. “[Former CT Sen.] Doyle said today’s climate is different and a may provide the movement more fertile ground – something that gives supporters inspiration. ‘I’ve […]

  • They were hanged as witches in Connecticut. Why 375 years later their descendants want these ancestors cleared. – Hartford Courant

  • Our Goals

    At the Connecticut Witch Trial Exoneration Project, we are seeking a full acknowledgment of the innocence of all accused of witchcraft. This includes a state apology to each victim, a full pardon for those convicted, and a state memorial to all accused. You can support our effort by signing our petition, or if you’d like […]

  • 46 Victims

    The following 46 people are known to have been accused of witchcraft in the Connecticut and New Haven colonies. Alice YoungMary JohnsonJoan CarringtonJohn CarringtonGoodwife BassettGoodwife KnappElizabeth GoodmanMary StaplesLydia GilbertNicholas BaileyGoodwife BaileyWilliam MeakerElizabeth GarlickKatherine PalmerMargaret JenningsNicholas JenningsJudith VarletJudith Ayers*William Ayers*Rebecca GreensmithNathanial GreensmithMary SanfordAndrew SanfordMary BarnesElizabeth BlackleachJohn BlackleachJames WakeleyElizabeth SeagerMary HallRalph HallHannah GriswoldWilliam GravesKatherine HarrisonSarah DibbleGoodwife MessengerGoodwife […]

  • Please Sign Our Petition

    We have created a petition to clear the names of all accused of witchcraft in the Connecticut Colony. To date, 227 people have signed. Our next goal is 500 signatures. Please sign today and share.

  • What is Connecticut Witch Trial Exoneration Project?

    Connecticut Witch Trial Exoneration Project shares the history of the witch trials in colonial Connecticut. Our aim is to educate the public and to work with the state government to clear the names of the wrongfully accused and establish a permanent memorial to the victims.

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